Lark Campbell

Lark 6 Years Ago


Lark Later

Character Name
Full Name Lark Campbell
Age 18 (wonted)

24 (cacophony)

Gender Male
Eye Color Light Blue (wonted & cacophony)

Yellow (cacophony season 2)

Hair Color Light Blue
Personal Info
Status Active
Occupation President of Dos Company
Affiliation Dos Company
Allies Kei Joon
Media Debut
Manhwa Chapter 1
Lark is one of main characters of the manhwa series, Wonted. He is Kei's friend. He knows about Kei being an esper and is a Gargoyle.


Before Cacophony, Lark has light blue eyes and medium length light blue hair but after 6 years, he had it cut his hair short. He's tall and has tanned skin.


He is calm and collected and is level-headed, especially when dealing with Kae Joon.


He is first seen in the first chapter when betting with In-hwan over whether Kae Joon would use his powers in a fight.



  • It doesn't say what part of his appearance changed after being a Gargoyle infectee.

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