Kei Joon/Luchs
Character Name
Full Name Luchs
Other Name Hero of the Street
Aliases Kei Joon
Gender Male
Eye Color Dark Blue
Hair Color Dark Blue
Personal Info
Status Active
Esper Abilities Wind Manipulation
Occupation Street Saviour
Media Debut
Manhwa Chapter 23
Luchs is the alter-ego of Kei Joon. He is supposedly called the saviour of the streets but recently people have spread rumors of him hurting citizens and hence he is also a villian. 

Though that is not true since many strangers, all from Wonted, disguise themselves as Luchs to hide their true identities. 


Three years before Cacophony, Kei had found a motorcycle, which was after the betrayal of Hee-Ong. The motorcycle was abandoned and Kei thought it reflected on as much as him so he took it in and begun his life as Luchs.

Luchs Impersonators Edit


  • A red motor bike. 



  • No one knows whether Luchs is a male or female.

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